Any entrepreneur?

Spanish Version

Today I´m going to tell you about a startup, succeeding in New York. I believe that it´s a really good idea and is also possible to function in our country.

It´s called Spacious and its purpose is to provide places, mainly restaurants, to freelancers and small companies to “cowork” during the day.

The Spacious´ founders thought there were a lot of restaurants in New York that were closed from Monday to Friday until 6 p.m. because these places didn´t have customers. They decided to start a business to fill these restaurants during this time; the companies that agree to collaborate will be able to appear on Spacious´ web. On the other side the freelancers and small companies can book their spaces.


The restaurants must agree to have their space available to work while providing a wifi-network, unlimited coffee, part time employees and if wanted, background music.


Those renting have to pay a fixed amount daily or monthly. They can choose between the spaces available and book their preferred space.

Spacious puts a device in the entrance of restaurant to check in and out as a record.


I believe that it is a great idea for everyone. It benefits the workers that don´t have a space to work as well as the restaurants and its employees because they gain more money and publicity while providing extra work for their employees.

The only problem I see bringing this idea to Spain is that the restaurants here are open for lunch because we eat a multiple course lunch, which is totally different from the USA where a sandwich is a sufficient lunch, but I´m sure that this won´t be a big problem.

What do you think about the idea behind Spacious?




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