Coconut: much better than a fruit

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Did you know that coconuts provide many advantages for your body? Never before was I a fan of this food because in my childhood I only tasted coconut as shavings covering desserts. However, when I ate the coconut directly from the fruit I liked it. Although the texture is not the best, it´s strong and stays between the teeth, the flavor was a lot different when I tasted it in shavings.

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Lately I have become fond of coconut water, it´s delicious! I love it especially when I finish exercising in a gym because this water fills you with energy. It’s so good for active people and is like Aquarius but of course natural.

The coconut water has the necessary amounts of minerals, like sodium and potassium, that work together to maintain different levels in the body such as: water, pH and blood pressure while preventing cramps. It also has calcium, which is good for blood circulation and muscle contractions. Magnesium and phosphorus are also great minerals for the body, eg. aiding the communication between the nerves and muscles.

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When you drink coconut water, it works inside your body to improve your skin:

-fights against acne, rosacea, eczemas, scars, dermatitis and dry skin.

-helps eliminate oily skin.

-smooths and eliminates spots

-reduces skin irritation after the sun

-increases cell regeneration

I have tasted a lot of types of coconut waters and there are many. You must find your brand because ones are better than others. For me, the best is Genuine Coconut

Another coconut product that is also trendy is coconut milk, which is created by blending the water and meat inside. You can drink it fresh using the coconut itself as a glass or you can buy packaged milk in a supermarket, herbal or specific stores.

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This milk has high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals, and also works against viruses and unhealthy bacteria. It doesn´t have much sugar nor any lactose, so it’s a good substitute for cow milk. However, consuming it daily is not advised because it contains saturated fats.

Another product from the coconut, which has recently become popular, is the coconut oil. Lately, this fever has evolved by celebrities and “It-Girls” telling us the amazing advantages of this great product. Truthfully, it is a good product but it isn´t a miracle worker, which some companies claim.

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Coconut oil uses:

Hair: you can apply this oil to the ends of your hair to protect and hydrate them.

After showering, it is recommended to apply the oil to damp hair and wrap it in a towel over night. When you wake up, your hair will be very soft and smooth.

Skin: You can hydrate all of your skin, repair lip damage, prevent stretch marks, clean make up off of your face, etc.

Some celebrities have stated that they rinse their mouth with coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate for 20 minutes to whiten their teeth and to prevent cavities, but it has not been professionally tested and the sodium bicarbonate can damage your teeth. Because of this, I don´t do it nor recommend it.

Other research related to drinking coconut oil has found that this product can delay Alzheimer´s disease, but I believe it is important to do more research and tests because it´s too early to confirm this hypothesis.

You can buy coconut oil in supermarkets, but if you want ecologic oil you have to go to a specific store.

All in all, the coconut can be used in many beneficial ways and even though using these products haven´t been popular in the past, it is the future.

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