Any entrepreneur?

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Today I´m going to tell you about a startup, succeeding in New York. I believe that it´s a really good idea and is also possible to function in our country.

It´s called Spacious and its purpose is to provide places, mainly restaurants, to freelancers and small companies to “cowork” during the day.

The Spacious´ founders thought there were a lot of restaurants in New York that were closed from Monday to Friday until 6 p.m. because these places didn´t have customers. They decided to start a business to fill these restaurants during this time; the companies that agree to collaborate will be able to appear on Spacious´ web. On the other side the freelancers and small companies can book their spaces.


The restaurants must agree to have their space available to work while providing a wifi-network, unlimited coffee, part time employees and if wanted, background music.


Those renting have to pay a fixed amount daily or monthly. They can choose between the spaces available and book their preferred space.

Spacious puts a device in the entrance of restaurant to check in and out as a record.


I believe that it is a great idea for everyone. It benefits the workers that don´t have a space to work as well as the restaurants and its employees because they gain more money and publicity while providing extra work for their employees.

The only problem I see bringing this idea to Spain is that the restaurants here are open for lunch because we eat a multiple course lunch, which is totally different from the USA where a sandwich is a sufficient lunch, but I´m sure that this won´t be a big problem.

What do you think about the idea behind Spacious?




Are you a home worker?

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This week I´m going to talk about work from home, at first you will think that home work only has advantages, but that is not true. Maybe for some people it´s perfect but not for everyone.


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Currently, it´s a trend for some professions allowing you to work at home. It´s advantages include: you can make your own schedule accommodating your work and personal life, you don´t have a manager bothering you about tasks. For some people it could sound nice but for others it might sound horrible. I have worked in both situations and I think that the perfect scenario is blending them. It would be great if you could work at home two days a week and the rest of the week, go to the office but this is not always possible.

There are other people that must work at home. In my opinion the ability to work at home requires you to be disciplined because you can have flexible schedules. But be careful, the people that live with you may use you to run errands, like doing the laundry, going shopping, asking “could you pick up the kids from school?” Working at home, requires that the person makes their own schedule and then completes it because if they don´t, they will have to work all day.

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My suggestions are you should choose a place in your house with a lot of sunshine, a good place where you feel comfortable because you will be in this place for a long time. You should plan your agenda, a very common mistake that the home worker makes is being available 24 hours. You should block your agenda for different reasons, save time to drink coffee, eat lunch, and make sure you have extra time before and after your work day. Home work isn´t a 24/7 service.

Pay special attention to your home temperature, at 17 ºC your hands could be cold and you might feel bad, but if your house is very hot you can fall sleep. You should set the thermostat between 19º and 22º.

Another thing about working from home is to know how to combine your job and being active. Plan your day and get out of the house. I know some people that work at home and are in their pajamas all day, this is a big mistake because you live isolated and you might get sick.

Every day you must walk outside because it´s necessary. Don´t just sit at home! Move!

Organize your desk, this helps your work be more efficient.

Listen to some music, at a proper volume, on your preferred playlist or you can select a spotify list. In some occasions it´s better than hearing your neighbors or the construction around you.


Never eat in front of the laptop, take your time for lunch. If you like to cook, make something, but if you don´t have time to go shopping you can order groceries from La Magdalena de Proust orDisfruta & verdura  who organize your weekly food. If you don´t like to cook you can order food on a lot of websites. I recommend Deliveroo I love this website and it have a app for your phone too.

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If you don´t have an office and have tried all these ideas but continue to be unable to work at home, you have two options. You can look for a calm place, in my case I have chosen Frida or Le Coco but I´m sure that near your house there are a lot. The other option is to look for an office to rent in coworking places near your home, here is a website where you can find one Coworking Spain.

Are you a home worker? How do you do it?