One Beer?

Spanish Version

This week I´m continuing with cereal grains…because this week I´m going to talk about beer, specifically craft beer, a long time ago we saw that a lot of hip bars or gourmet shops have a big variety of Craft Beer from all over the world, but some time ago It became a trend. The names Larger, Golden Ale, Kolsh, Bock, Strong Ale, Ipa and Apa are familiar for us, due to the interest of the lupinus and malt drink in Spain its popularity increased.

The principle differences between craft beer and industrial beer are the flavor and smell, quality, and authenticity.


Another new trend now, is opening a restaurant next to a beer factory. In big cities around Spain places like this have opened e.g.: Fabrica MaravillasMadbrewing Beer, Naturbier in Madrid, White Rhino ein Valencia andGarage Beer Co y Brewdog in Barcelona.

Also, people are talking about beer-pairings and a lot of prestigious chefs have included it in their menus, e.g. Chicote in his restaurant Yakitoro. There are also a lot of chefs ordering from brewers that create their own beer like Pepe Rodríguez from MasterChef with his beer, La Sagra Bohio.

Like you know, in my blog I always share my experiences ¿Did you know that the best Craft Beer in the world in 2015, according to ITQI ((International Taste & Quality Institute Bruseles, Belgium) is Spanish? Yes and it is my cousin´s beer. It´s called Gastro and is tasty!


It has a nice flavor, it was the beer winner in a blind tasting of over 1,600 brands worldwide by by a panel of judges of the 120 best sumilleres.

If you haven´t tasted it yet, Do It!