Detoxify your body

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Back to the routine after the Easter holiday, I hope that you were able to try some of my recommendations related to the last post. If you tried many, don´t worry because this week I will write about how to detox and lose the weight gained during the holiday.

If you read magazines or walk around cities, you will notice that the sale of detox juice has increased a lot in our country. In cities like New York it has been a common practice for many years, but in Spain it didn’t arrive till two or three years ago and are now very popular. The advantages are to provide your body with vitamins and minerals it needs while cleansing your system of toxins.

Have you tried them? I have and believe they are good for detoxing and returning to your routine. The truth is you don´t feel hungry but for me the worst part is not eating any solid food during the day. I did this for 1 day and then 3 days although it could also be possible to do it for 5, but in my opinion it´s very hard.


It´s important for me to say that these juices don´t create miracles, and I believe that they aren´t good to drink habitually. In my case, I only drink detox juices after a holiday season.

Here are two websites where you can buy these juices and

It´s not necessary to do 1, 3 or 5 days only drinking juices or pay a lot of money to do a detox diet, you can make your own juices by yourself. If you want to try this, I can share some recipes with you and if you know some you can share with us too.

A very good recipe is with melon, pineapple and one spoon full of fresh ginger, you must drink it on an empty stomach. It has a very good flavor and activates the metabolism.

Another, very popular recipe, is a with cucumber, apple and celery, if you don´t like cucumber you can substitute for carrots.

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And finally the famous detox juice includes a hand full of spinach and lettuce, half a cucumber, an apple, a pear, the juice of half a lemon and 200ml of mineral water… to be honest I have never made it because for me it´s disgusting.

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But there are a million more recipes!

I hope to hear about your detoxing experiences! Until next week!