Easter sweets in Spain

Spanish version

The Easter holiday is arriving and with it, its sweets. With the trend this week, I won´t forget about tradition. Today, I have decided to write about the best places to taste “Torrijas” the typical Easter sweets in Spain. Torrijas are similar to French toast but in my opinion are much better.

The 5 best places to eat or buy torrijas in my opinion are:

La Tasquita de Enfrente: On Ballesta Street (Madrid), it´s a restaurant that makes fake torrijas, they named it that because they make them in a different way than the traditional one. They make them with brioche bread and bake it in the oven, instead of frying.


Nunos is a bakery on Narvaez Street (Madrid). It was the winner of the best torrija in 2011, they make torrijas in such a creative way: mixing salty and sweet flavors, in different forms, sometimes with chocolate, as a sandwich, etc. If you are a torrijas lover, you can´t miss out on Nunos.

El Riojano: A classic place in the city center of Madrid, to have a coffee with a torrija in their tearoom. It takes you back in time.


Formentor: Of course they are known to have the best ensaimadas of Mallorca but they also make delicious torrijas during this time. It´s a bakery on General Diaz Polier (Madrid).

Finally, Bakery Vait on Felix Boix, 9. For those who are daring, you must taste their torrijas with different alcohol flavors, such as Baileys, Cardhu, margarita, etc….


Another very popular sweet during the Easter Holiday is the Easter egg, and I will tell you the best places to buy them, in my opinion.

Escribá: A classic place in Barcelona, on Gran Vía de las Corts Street, just to see the Easter Eggs in their showcase is worth it. You can check it on their website, it´s nice!

Oriol Balaguer in Barcelona and Madrid. He recently opened La Duquesita Bakery located in Madrid. The design of the Easter eggs will surprise you.


La pastissería: In Barcelona, on Aragó and Vía Augusta Streets, there are incredible Easter Eggs, and are not very expensive.

descarga (7)

Mama framboise : A cafe in Madrid where you can buy a creative Easter Egg. It is also a nice place to sit for a while and see people walking along Fernando VI street.

Bakery Ochiai  In Barcelona on Compte Urgell Street. It is a Japanese bakery, where you must taste their Mochiai with Crema Catalana, and you of course can buy an Easter egg.

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You should try them all! Happy Easter and see you after the holidays.