New trends in recruiting

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This week I write about new trends in recruiting because from candidates and companies perspective things are changing considerably.

Because of Digital Transformation the Companies need new profiles that are able to face this transformation.

The balance of recruitment is changing; before, the companies decided who the best people were to work but now the candidates decide where they want to work.

The Millennials: people between 18 and 35 years old. They are ambitious, like to be challenged, are always hyper-connected, have strong values, are socially conscious, they are worried about the environment… They are passionate, tech savvy and also able to multitask.


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The Companies must provide good values, challenges, and need to have advanced technology. They should give their employees autonomy and independence with a good working environment.


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The candidates now look for great career plans, strong values and a good balance between professional and personal life. Currently, it is not enough with just a good salary.

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Companies should be active in social media to attract the best profiles and engage them. It´s important to achieve the best feedback from current employees, to publicize the Company´s values.


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The companies need to have the information, about the candidates and the offers, organized.

It´s necessary to have a quick and efficient process which publishes offers automatically to find the best candidates.


Good onboarding is crucial for the new employee to last over time and so the employee will be profitable faster.

Now you know that the things are changing therefore we must adapt quickly to have the best talent, if not the future will be more complex.