Don´t stop!

Spanish version

This week it´s time to talk about new fitness trends, I try a lot of things…and there is nothing like a Personal Trainer!

I´m not a crazy person for gyms, and when I registered at one, I started with a lot of motivation but early on this motivation began declining; the reason: boredom always doing the same things, because I didn´t know how to use the rest of machines, for that I only used a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationary bicycle.

Because of boredom I started to try new things such as the vibrating platform, using it involves having a trainer explain how do the exercises on this infernal machine, but I wasn´t convinced…


Then, a while later I registered with some friends for electrostimulation, but we got scared and left.


I also joined the running fever, but although I tried, I never got attracted to this sport because for me it was very boring.

And finally I found my personal trainer and he has been a fine discovery.

The principle advantages are:

The time and effort to have goals and achieve them, motivation, to prevent injury and the feared deadlocks. Moreover, it helps improve work performance and health, plays down work stress and improves your self-esteem.

Now, after this speech, I´m going to tell you about my real experience.

My personal trainer´s name is Fer. He is a professional and since the first day has gone along with me. He has helped me with the fitness world, and he has taught me to use the gym correctly.

I´m learning about BOSU®  which serves to improve balance, Fitball for coordination and core strength, Suspension Training® TRX    to work strength and flexibility, elastic bands to gain muscle and improve flexibility, dumbbells and Kettlebell…etc.

He has helped me mark objectives, and most importantly to have a different vision about fitness. Speaking from experience, you can go to the gym and have a good time. My trainer and I laugh and talk about our problems but at the same time we work hard.

The only thing left for me to say is: don´t make excuses and get a personal trainer in your life.