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The other day I found an article that made me think about the limits of recycling. The article was about a New Yorker, she found a way to live without producing any garbage and I thought nowadays, this is impossible!  Then when I read the article completely, I understood that her life isn´t normal because she has changed a lot of things to live like this. However, I also thought that we could improve the environment with little effort, but not in the extreme way like this person.

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You know me and you know that I´m not crazy with recycling, but I think the idea of achieving this step by step to generate less waste could be a very good trend.

One thing that grabbed my attention about this girl, Lauren Singer, is that she hasn´t given up in spite of living in a big city. The easiest way is living in the country, growing a garden and living a countryside life, but she didn´t choose this option; she lives in New York!

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How has she done this? First she got very organized and began buying products in bulk and from farmer markets. Every week she brings her organic waste to a compost site, makes her own cleaning and beauty products and also makes medicines (this is where I drew the line). Of course she doesn’t have a car, washing machine (she usually washes her laundry by hand but if needed she goes to the laundromat using homemade detergent). She always wears second hand clothes and when she doesn´t use pieces of clothing anymore, she donates them.

She says the most difficult part was to create her own detergent, soap, toothpaste and lotion and she is earning so much money with her products The simply co

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I totally agree with her because with this life style, you have fewer things and you value the few things that you have more.

In my opinion this style of life is very admirable but it´s an unrealistic routine. Something that the city can do is be more involved by putting compost and clothes containers and drop offs for old appliances in convenient locations to make recycling easy. The city could also reward the good-doers and punish the bad.

When traveling around the city, I think the best idea is to use public transport or electric cars Car2go. Another good form of transport is a bike, every big city has a bike service like Bicimad in Madrid or Bicing in Barcelona.

Like everything in life, moderation is better. Nowadays, it is very difficult to produce zero trash but we should try to waste as little as possible.

A simple thing to remember is to bring your own bags to the supermarket and whenever you can, buy in bulk shops. Recycle paper, glass, cans and plastic, don´t pour used oil down the sink, try to recycle or sell what you don´t need. Here you have a very famous app to sell and buy things: Wallapop.

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In Argentina, they have a very interesting website ( Donde reciclo ) and depending on the product that you select, the website informs you where the closest container is. Another website in Spain is Donde lo tiro, which also gives you addresses where you can donate, sell or recycle.

Another thing that I want to highlight for this goal is the importance of educating new generations about the environment, this is basic for a future with 0 trash.

There are many educational programs around Spain, here are a couple of links: Programas de actividades ambientales para niños (Madrid) and Programas de educación ambiental (Cataluña). Summer camps also exist focused on this category for example: En clave medioambiente or Nuestra Tierra. You can also grow a communal garden in your neighborhood ( Agrohuerto ), I visited one in the Retiro and it surprised me.

I hope this post helps lower the overall waste level but if I am able to change just a few minds, that would be enough for me.