Single product restaurants

Spanish version

The expression “less is more” is starting to become more powerful and is extending the belief that, the shorter the menu, the happier the customer. These restaurants specialize in a single product and nowadays “single product restaurants” have been turning into a new trend. The trick is to choose a traditional food (e.g. omelets), simple and easily reinvented, the Americans call it comfort food.

This trend began in New York and London and now it has spread to Madrid and Barcelona, because there are many advantages. The advertising is clear for the client, a restaurant specializing in a single product guarantees perfectly cooked food with a tasty flavor. Another feature is that this type of restaurant has a lot of ways to cook this product which you could never imagine.

For the owners, there are also many advantages because they need less variety of products, less providers and the menu is easier to prepare.

Here you have some international and national (Spain) examples:

In New York,  The Meatball Shop has been a successful restaurant specializing in meatballs. They only have five types of meatballs, you can eat them in a dish or in a sandwich, and combine them with different sauces, all their products are organic. They already have five restaurants in the Big Apple and always have long queues.

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In London Bubble dogs specializes in hot dogs served with champagne. They have a big variety of hot dogs, different sauces and other sides like fries.

Pomze, in Paris, is a restaurant that revolves around apples, with several ambiences, first you can enjoy a taste of the fabulous cider or original cocktails made with apples at its bar then you can continue to the restaurant area to eat. All their dishes are always well prepared with the main ingredient: apple. Its owners pride in the whole process, from the fields to the table.

In Spain, a lot of “single-product restaurants” also appear. In Barcelona Les Truites has different types of Spanish omelets, sweet and salty, with many ingredients such as vegetables, potatoes, meat, etc. and there are also omelets for dessert.

Another place in Barcelona is Comaxurros a “new churrería.” They specialize in churros and serve them in different ways, with the classical “chocolate with churros” of course, brava sauce, meringue, ice cream, etc.

In Madrid there is a restaurant, Bocadillo de jamón y champán, that specializes in sandwiches with champagne but is best known for their rich (ibérico) ham sandwiches on variety styles of bread: mollete (typical bread in Andalusia), ciabatta…you can choose your preferred bread.

La Hummusería. On their menu, they have a lot of types of hummus. It is a calm and sunny place where you can experience a warm ambience. You can also taste their craft lemonade, very good!

Bolero Meatballs  Every meatball is made with fresh meat from Salamanca and then roasted in the oven. They have four types of meatballs, Grandmother´s meatball: a traditional dish with tomatoe sauce, Oriental: with peanut sauce and coconut milk, (the ones I want to try next), the Chick & Parm: with chicken and parmesan cheese, and the vegans’ meatballs: made with quinoa, tofu shiitake and caramelized onions. You can also ask for your meatballs in a sandwich with brioche bread.

Poncelet Cheesebar. This restaurant has been open for a long time and is owned by the same person as the famous cheese shop Poncelet. Their menu has many types of artisan cheeses, applying creative techniques and using the best seasonal products. They have more than 150 artisan cheeses from 11 different countries.

Restaurante Aire  is a beautiful restaurant with a traditional kitchen. They cook dishes with their principal ingredient of different types of birds. Their menu is based around organic products from the farms. Very recommended!

What do you think about this new trend? Do you like it or do you prefer a menu with variety?