Spanish version

Beginning this week, I will follow the new trend of buying products in bulk, I think it´s a great idea! You can try new flavors, buying only the amount you need, furthermore you save money and it´s a good way to not waste food or packaging. These are all benefits! When I speak about bulk shopping, what does it mean? It´s shopping for products like coffee, salt, nuts, seeds, dry beans, flour, quinoa, bulgur, etc in bulk…our grandparents used to buy food this way, but it became obsolete…until now.


Since the opening of the famous Beunpackaged   (in 2006 in London) bulk shops became a trend, and has been very popular. The reasons are that, when you enter these shops the smells take you back to your childhood, it also encourages slow shopping while reducing the packages and the shoppers are very helpful and sometimes suggest different recipes.

To go bulk shopping, it is necessary to change our habits.

Before going shopping, we need to prepare different bags and/or containers for the products. If not, the shops can provide them for us.

In the shop, we should weigh the bags and/or containers before filling them.

Now, we can fill the containers or bags using the spoons or dispensers.

Finally, when we arrive home, we can empty the containers.


I can recommend some shops where you can buy these types of products in Spain.

One franchise nationwide in Spain is Granel, in Madrid Le Moulin or Pepita & Grano but there are a lot of slow shops in the world such as, Unverpackt in Berlin, Effecorta in Milan…etc.

If you want, you can google places near you.

Do you think this will catch on as a popular trend or pass us by?