Do you travel with kids?

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By popular request, this week I´m going to talk about how to travel with kids. As you know, traveling is my favorite hobby and when I had a daughter I thought…I was going to have to put traveling on the side for a few years, but I refused like many other parents. Things have been changing and now at most destinations there are a lot of children; this is because like me, many people now don´t want to give up traveling just because they are parents.

I won´t say that the trips are the same…but in my opinion they are not less enjoyable. I will tell you how I am able to travel with my daughter.

When they are a babies, you have to be use to “being out of the house,” meaning you must leave your house and break their schedule, occasionally. You have to let t25082009027hem sleep in the stroller and bring “baby food” so they can eat throughout your strolls, this is to teach the baby so when you want to travel they won´t be surprised.


Another change for your travels is the destination. When we traveled without kids, I never paid attention to the health care of other countries, food hazards or vaccines needed, but these are now very important for us, I like to travel but the safety of my daughter is essential.

If the trip takes a lot of hours on a plane, I have to prepare “the entertainment pack” for the plane which includes, papers, pencils, small toys, tablet with films, books, etc.. but now it is my daughter that prepares it. You can forget about reading or sleeping during the flight, that is over.

If the trip takes a lot of hours in a car, my advice is to buy a cheap portable DVD player and to have a lot of patience!

The most important thing is that the trip begins before you leave your house. The kids have to see your excitement and get excited too. You have to tell them things about the destination, including its history and its culture. You should also read books about it (I recommend Elisabetta Dami´s books Club Geronimo Stilton). I remember when I went to London, we watched Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. I explained that the Queen lived there and about the places we would visit…you should talk about everything that you believe they will like.

Another suggestion is to encourage them to eat the typical food; when we travelled to New York I remember that she wanted to stop at every corner to buy a hot dog or pretzel, and in Istanbul she only wanted to eat cous-cous and hummus.

How to visit the museums will change, but in my opinion I love it! First at home, I show her the pictures or sculptures and then in the museum we play a game to find them and remember what their names are. The best museums to visit with kids are the American ones because they are very interactive and visual.

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To sleep, a good option is Airbnb, but if you prefer a hotel, there are some better than others, I like Novotel. To fly, nothing compares to  Qatar Airways or Emirates but of course you can´t always fly with them because they are expensive, however if you find an offer don´t think about it and just buy the tickets because it will be a great experience for your child.

What do you do when traveling with children?