Do you travel with kids?

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By popular request, this week I´m going to talk about how to travel with kids. As you know, traveling is my favorite hobby and when I had a daughter I thought…I was going to have to put traveling on the side for a few years, but I refused like many other parents. Things have been changing and now at most destinations there are a lot of children; this is because like me, many people now don´t want to give up traveling just because they are parents.

I won´t say that the trips are the same…but in my opinion they are not less enjoyable. I will tell you how I am able to travel with my daughter.

When they are a babies, you have to be use to “being out of the house,” meaning you must leave your house and break their schedule, occasionally. You have to let t25082009027hem sleep in the stroller and bring “baby food” so they can eat throughout your strolls, this is to teach the baby so when you want to travel they won´t be surprised.


Another change for your travels is the destination. When we traveled without kids, I never paid attention to the health care of other countries, food hazards or vaccines needed, but these are now very important for us, I like to travel but the safety of my daughter is essential.

If the trip takes a lot of hours on a plane, I have to prepare “the entertainment pack” for the plane which includes, papers, pencils, small toys, tablet with films, books, etc.. but now it is my daughter that prepares it. You can forget about reading or sleeping during the flight, that is over.

If the trip takes a lot of hours in a car, my advice is to buy a cheap portable DVD player and to have a lot of patience!

The most important thing is that the trip begins before you leave your house. The kids have to see your excitement and get excited too. You have to tell them things about the destination, including its history and its culture. You should also read books about it (I recommend Elisabetta Dami´s books Club Geronimo Stilton). I remember when I went to London, we watched Tinkerbelle, Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. I explained that the Queen lived there and about the places we would visit…you should talk about everything that you believe they will like.

Another suggestion is to encourage them to eat the typical food; when we travelled to New York I remember that she wanted to stop at every corner to buy a hot dog or pretzel, and in Istanbul she only wanted to eat cous-cous and hummus.

How to visit the museums will change, but in my opinion I love it! First at home, I show her the pictures or sculptures and then in the museum we play a game to find them and remember what their names are. The best museums to visit with kids are the American ones because they are very interactive and visual.

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To sleep, a good option is Airbnb, but if you prefer a hotel, there are some better than others, I like Novotel. To fly, nothing compares to  Qatar Airways or Emirates but of course you can´t always fly with them because they are expensive, however if you find an offer don´t think about it and just buy the tickets because it will be a great experience for your child.

What do you do when traveling with children?





Where are we going?

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This week I believe it´s time to prepare our Easter trip, but before you start thinking about it…take this opportunity to consider the news traveler profiles and new travel trends.

What kind of traveler are you? Are you a conscious globetrotter, a Cultural purist or a lover for comfort? Are you obsessed with Social Media, or do you love to experiment with new sensations? You are someone that always travels with kids or a hunter of luxury? What is your age category? Are you a pensioner looking for comfort, a millennial, a flash-packer or even a Z generation?

Don´t panic! I have new trends about travel for everyone, just continue reading…


If you are an environmentalist, and you want to give something back to the Mother Nature or you love good karma, the tourist companies have started to develop travel related to voluntary services or to do social work for you. Now, there are hotel foundations to protect paradises like the Canadian hotel  Fogo Island Inn or tour operator ABOUTAsia that donates all revenues to Camboya´s Schools.


If you are crazy for culture, you can´t forget to download the app Traffle, read about Traffle, where you can learn about customs of the population by talking with natives having similar profiles like you.

For lovers of commodity, your hotel is a Westin with its newly famous heavenly-bed, it also has an app available to help you fall asleep. The Crowne Plaza offers, a headboard that absorbs 30% of the noise outside, for the lazy-bones, and the MGM Grand, which is an alarm accessory that gradually projects light beams that simulate dawn, we will have to test it!

Are you obsessed with Social Media? You can tweet your destination and budget to Stayful, this platform looks for the best options for your travel. And, of course upload your selfies immediately to Instagram.

If you love the “experiences”, then the leisure packs are for you! The price includes the stay and the activities that you can enjoy it. It isn´t enough to just see it, you must feel it. Wonderbox , Smartbox o la vida es bella

For parents that always travel with kids, I have new trends as well. There is a P2P program (for more information, google P2P), for families the best option is a company called Airbnb. It provides private apartments, fully equipped with home essentials, in the best locations of cities worldwide.

Another option is glamping, where camping becomes glamorous. Furthermore, to expand this concept of exotic camping, it involves the transformation of equipment in caravans and trailers, as well as tents. Glamping.


For people with a tight budget, a staycation or holiday in their own country, is the best option because it is the cheapest alternative and sounds better than “I am going to my parents’ apartment in Benidorm”

Do you like luxury? VIP zones at the airport, first class, hotels with spas, renting helicopters, or even owning a yacht? For you I recommend Headspace, an application to meditate, because in terms of tourism, I won’t be the person that I advises you about new trends, you know everyone!

If you are a traveler above the age of 70, you may prefer planned activities such as: organized tours, healthy buffets, memory workshops, music therapy and active gymnastics provided by the hotels.

For the Millenians or flashpackets (which is a new way to backpack, these people are between the ages of eighteen and thirty looking for fun, free wifi, Social Media and travel platforms of collaboration services.

They need the best connected hotels, with only the essential services, good designs and desirable locations in the city center or near airports.  CitizenM Hotels  captivate you.

Examples of collaboration services include: for renting houses, Airbnb as mentioned before, for renting a car, Uber /Bla bla car or for lunch EatWith or Cookening.


For the teenagers, with the money to travel, sharing everything at the moment on Social Media, they are known to be “Braggies”. For Generation Z (they aren´t 18 yet, all their things are on the internet, they are individuals and love to appear in public, upload selfies to social media), this generation will invent the new travels trends that we will see in the future.

Finally, I want to especially mention the MAMIL (middle aged men in Lycra), all aboard! Cycling will overpower Golf, like principal leisure activities for middle-aged people. If the cities adapt to their services and physiognomy, the hotels will also adapt and become bike-friendly hotels.

bike friendly