Time to talk about vermouth.

Spanish version

This week, since the hot is arriving and what we want is to sit on a terrace, I am going to tell you about the latest trend for or before lunch, the comeback of vermouth.

mercado de san miguel 2

Today to be cool in Spain you must drink vermouth, but what is vermouth? It is wine macerated with aromatic herbs, which is usually drunk before lunch. There are people that prefer to drink it with soda to soften the taste and other people prefer to mix with gin to make the taste stronger. It is best to accompany the vermouth with chips, olives or “a marriage” (a popular tapa in Spain with a light and dark anchovy on bread).


The best thing about drinking a vermouth is that you can be with friends while spending time under the sun and talking.

Drinking vermouth has again become popular around Spain in old taverns, like it was when our grandparents were younger.


Now, vermouth taverns in Madrid:

Ángel Sierra

A classic bar in Chueca, very famous for their vermouth. It´s a good tavern to stand outside and enjoy the atmosphere found in the square. Gravina Street 11

Angel Sierra

Taberna de Corps

Delicious vermouth from a tap (with or without soda). They serve it with olives and they also have a classical authentic menu with tapas and plates. Located in a quiet square, it is relaxing and surrounded by a lot of trees; perfect for the summer. Guardia de Corps square.

La Concha

People with gluten allergies can also drink a good vermouth in this great bar with tapas. They serve it in a beautiful glass with gin spray, delicious. Caba Baja street, 7.

San Miguel Market

They specialize in vermouth brought from different places, you can find whites, reds and rose. To eat, they have olives and little kebabs (with pickled veggies) a typical Spanish tapa for free.

Bomba Bistro

In this bar the vermouth is drunk while sitting at a table and is similar to a cocktail, they call it “Secretary of State”. It´s a perfect drink to have with a good lunch in their restaurant. Pedro Muguruza Street 5.

La Violeta

Located in the classical neighborhood of Chamberí, this tavern was mythical in the eighties and later converted into a vermouth tavern. Vallehermoso street 62.

In Barcelona there are a lot of good vermouth taverns:

La Pineda

A classic tavern in the Gótico neighborhood, that has a variety of simple tapas and meat plates to offer with your vermouth on the rocks.

Quimet & Quimet

This wine cellar in Poble-sec has been around for many generations, aging almost a century. They also offer vermouth on tap, how luxurious!

Morro Fi

The three owners are lovers of tapas and vermouth and started to write a blog where they shared their knowledge about this subject. Later they decided to open a tavern and it has been a successful idea because now they just open the second…

Morro fi


A nice and quiet place in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, the vermouth they serve is not theirs but it´s really good.


It´s another tavern located in Sant Antoni as well, that is more modern but is a great place to drink a tasty vermouth.

What do you prefer beer, wine or vermouth? Do you know any good places to drink vermouth?